What We Do

What sets Zerega apart from Other Pasta Manufacturers?

At Zerega, our focus is on producing the right pasta for your application. This approach is far different than most pasta manufacturers who offer a limited range of pasta, forcing you to adjust your product or process to their pasta. We offer:

  • Short lead time from concept development to commercialization
  • Ability to supply short runs of custom pasta shapes with special ingredients and sizes
  • Samples from our library of over 300 shapes, ready for same-day shipment

Zerega Sales Team - Here to Help

Product aside, service is what separates Zerega from other pasta manufacturers. When you need technical advice, new product ideas or require samples, your needs are met promptly and thoroughly. Think of our sales team, production managers, and technical staff as your pasta R & D team, ensuring that you get the perfect pasta within your timeline.

Zerega Rapid Sample Service

There's no need to send a team member to your local market to get a sample of pasta. Just call us and you'll have access to our sample library of over 300 varieties of stock and custom pasta shapes that are ready for same-day shipment.

And when you can't find just the right shape from our extensive sample library, we'll quickly work with you to design a new pasta with just the right shape and formulation. Once a new design is agreed upon, we'll quickly turn around a full production sample in just a few days.