Use a new pasta shape in your favorite pasta recipe. Discover how this simple change can add value to your customers' dining experiences. For example:

Instead of Try In
Ziti Penne Hearty Baked Dishes
Rigatoni Orecchiette or Penne Tomato Sauced Dishes
Elbows Radiatore or Gemelli Salads and Mac-and-Cheese
Spirals Cavatappi or Medium Farfalle Pasta Salads
Wide Noodles Large Egg Bows or Kluski Baked Side Dishes
Spaghetti Angel Hair or Fettuccine Classic Sauced Dishes
Lasagne Ribbed Lasagne or Jumbo Shells Stuffed Pasta Recipes
Rice Orzo or Small Shells Side Dishes and Salads

Matching Pasta to Sauce

Many pasta shapes are interchangeable but here are some basic rules to keep in mind:

  • Light, delicate sauces pair well with smaller pastas and thinner strands such as angel hair and vermicelli
  • Meat and hearty vegetable sauces go well with sturdy pastas like penne, radiatore and farfalle
  • Dense, creamy sauces are a good match for curly, twisted shapes like fusilli, gemelli and rotelle

Changing the pasta shape can make a dramatic difference in a recipe and give it a whole new look. Always consider which shape makes the most of accompanying ingredients, and adds to the finished appearance of the dish.