Retail Market

Zerega co-packs for many of the nation's leading marketers of retail pasta. We can supply all of your pasta needs from the most popular pasta shapes including long pasta, short cut pasta and egg noodles to specialties including lasagna, jumbo shells, bow ties, homemade-style rolled noodles and quick-cook varieties.

All macaroni products are made with 100% durum semolina and custom formulations including whole wheat, whole grain, high fiber and organic are available.

Our packaging capabilities include cartons and flexible bags in weights ranging from 4 oz. to 5 lbs.

Zerega Co-Pack Facts:

  • For many food marketers, outsourcing pasta production to Zerega is a lower-cost and less complex alternative to maintaining pasta production facilities and expertise in-house.
  • If you aren't a pasta manufacturer, outsourcing pasta production to Zerega enables you to stick to your core manufacturing expertise.
  • Outsourcing specialty pasta production to Zerega enables you to focus on high volume products for the greatest economies of scale for the greatest cost efficiencies.
  • Outsourcing pasta production to Zerega helps you meet capacity needs at times of high product demand.