California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

A. Zerega’s Sons Inc. is in compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (S.B. 657). The following represents A. Zerega’s required Disclosure statement:

  • As a company policy and philosophy, Zerega strongly opposes any and all illegal and unethical treatment of people, including any acts of slavery or human trafficking. To reduce the risk of illegal or unethical treatment in our supply chain, we source our ingredients, materials, and equipment from North American and European suppliers.
  • Zerega is a member of Sedex, the largest collaborative organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chain. As part of this membership, Zerega has completed an independent Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) and was certified to be in compliance with Sedex labor and supply chain business practices.
  • We inform all applicable Zerega suppliers of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (S.B. 657).
  • In addition to our own internal audits on labor and supply chain business practices, Zerega audits its directs suppliers from time-to-time on practices including health, safety, environment, and labor standards. Zerega audits are announced and conducted by Zerega employees. We do not engage in independent verification, risk analysis, or auditing of our suppliers  or product supply chain on company standards or applicable laws and regulations regarding trafficking and slavery. We do not require direct suppliers to independently certify that materials they supply comply with standards regarding slavery and human trafficking.
  • Zerega trains all our employees and contractors annually on company policies, including on human trafficking and slavery where applicable for employees that manage our supply chain and vendors. Zerega holds all employees and brokers who represent the company in sourcing and procuring materials accountable for following company policies. Zerega supply chain personnel participate in industry trade groups, on-line industry and academic programs as well as benchmarking practices against those of companies in the food industry.